So now thats its nearing the end of October and the local supermarket is feeling festive I thought it would be save to mention the ‘C’ word…..YES CHRISTMAS…..

I am rather excited this year with our new products seeming very popular as well as my new addition to my family. This christmas is going to be the best yet. My son is at the fantastic age were everything is so magical and its my little Lyla’s very first Christmas.

With that in Mind we have a whole new range of gifts, keepsake and products to suits everyone.

We have launched our first Christmas vests, personalised Pyjamas for the older ones and also our very popular Night before Christmas box. I was asked for these last year but with being so heavily pregnant with Lyla was unable to design anything. This year with Maxwell being 3 is was the first thing on my to do list.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.57.19
Set a new family christmas tradition with your very own night before Christmas box (christmas eve box). Have it ready under the tree filled with exciting christmas goodies….this could include a pair of Christmas eve pyjamas, books, a film, a letter from santa, and some goodies. To help you start we have the Night before Christmas package that includes the box, Personalised Pyjamas, Letter from santa and reindeer food to sprinkle outside your house to help Rudolph find his way. This is now available on the website for only £39.95 plus P&P.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.52.24

We also have out popular christmas Elf print….  Why not Elf yourself and your family by having a truly unique piece of decoration designed and made for you that you can use year after year. Feature your whole family in this brilliant personalised print that will put a smile on everyone face. Family elf print

We have a range of gifts for the whole family, from chopping boards, phone cases, cushions and our popular prints all bespoke and designed just for you.

I hope you all have a lovely Merry Christmas….
Thank you to everyone of you for your support and helping me chase my dream….


Welcome……… and Hello!!!

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Whoo hoo….. We finally have a blog! Hello and Welcome.

I am going to start of the Blog with introducing myself along with some exciting news…. My Name is Leanne and I am the maker, creator and designer behind Made4keepsake. All of my creations are unique and made to cherish moments in life that are special to us.
Made4keepsake was created in 2012 following the arrival of my son – Maxwell. You will find his name everywhere as well as a few images of him.  Here he is…..maxbear1After having Maxwell my life changed for ever – as it does when becoming a Mum and Made4keepsake was established in August 2012 when I launched a range of prints a long with our keepsake bears….

Since launching in 2012 my little business has come a long way with almost 500 bears made and too many prints and keepsakes to count. This year so far has been amazing…In January I had my beautiful little Lady Lyla who completes my wonderful family. We have attended The Baby show at the Birmingham NEC which was amazing and the interest and feedback received was overwhelming.  I have also launched a whole new range of products which includes Phone cases, chopping boards, Baby vest to name a few….Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 09.46.10

With all this excitement and my business growing from strength to strength I took the plunge beginning of this month and decided to leave my day job and go full time into Made4keepsake… Scary stuff….I’m very anxious and excited at the same time! I have been a designer working in the fashion industry for 8 years and I know I will miss it, however it just doesn’t bring the same satisfaction and pride that my keepsakes do and therefore I made the decision that my business needs me more!

So here I am full time…. Lets do this Made4keepsake 🙂